Dave Gration has been diving since the age of 15, now some 30+ years later he has been to some of the most amazing diving locations in the world. He first started diving in the U.K and has taught for some of the largest dive centres in the U.K including running the training side of their business.

After teaching in the U.K for a number of years he then stated to travel and used his instructor qualifications to make this possible. In later years he settled down in The Canary Islands, where he owed his own dive centre for 10 years. This gave him the opportunity to further his own diving and look into new and more demanding types of diving, including the use of technical diving equipment and Rebreathers, allowing him to make more advanced wreck and cave dives, to great depths.

Now after selling his dive centre and moving back to England, he has been working as a freelance diving instructor trainer who is able to offer all types of technical diving education up to full trimix levels on both Open Circuit and Rebreathers, including CCR cave.   He is able to teach on the following rebreathers XCCR, JJ-CCR, SF2-ECCR, CCR LIBERTY, AP Inspiration, Triton, Hollis Prism2 and Poseidon. Dave uses and recommends xDeep backmount and sidemount systems as well as various other products from across our range including Ammonite primary lights and heated packs and backup lights