About us

Nautilus was born out of necessity. To allow smaller retailers to sell premium products and be able to provide their customers with access to high end brands at sensible prices.

There was also an opportunity to improve the ability for smaller, generally more innovative and exciting, brands to have an effective presence in the UK diving marketplace and to be able to gain a key hold in their own niche sectors of the market. Nautilus was created to fulfill this necessity and to offer these brands a solid dealer base to utilise and to gain full market penetration without going to the trouble and expense of building their own distribution networks.

Nautilus now represents over twenty brands in the UK diving market covering everything from everyday products like hoses, cylinders and torches  through specialist areas such as camera equipment and lighting to higher end equipment such as backplates, wings and dive computers.

The brands we support are chosen carefully for their product innovation, reliability, range and reputation. After sales is just as important as the pre-sales to us and our dealers and offering this support is imperative in the chain of services we offer.


If you have a diving business with a bricks and mortar premises and a retail shopfront in the UK and think you can help us offer a high level of service to your customers then why not contact us and enquire about becoming a dealer