SiTech ANTARES (Glove and Spanner Rings) - set

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The ANTARES Dry Glove System is a narrow and minimalistic Dry Glove System with an oval ring design

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  • Set with ANTARES Glove Rings and Spanner Rings


Technical specification

  • Narrow area: 86 mm
  • Wide area: 110 mm
  • Either used with fixed (glued) attachment platform or clamped onto latex seal
  • With fixed attachment platform (PU-Ring), full modularity is reached

Note! Gloves not included!

Note! PVC Glove – Basic size X-large is not suitable for ANTARES Dry Glove System (the shaft is too wide)! We recommend PVC Glove – Extended cuff item no. 60575-XL (blue) or 60576-XL (green) to be used instead.

ANTARES Manual movie:

Important information regarding ANTARES green Spanner rings:



Sitech Antares Manual

Sitech 60610


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